Sunday, June 13, 2010

Prediction Japan VS Cameroon

Persuaan between Japan and Cameroon in the current edition of the World Cup tournament is the first time in history. But this is not a prime game for them to know each other, the article outside the agenda of the World Cup they had to try out each skill.
Earlier they had met twice on the international scene three years ago and in 2004. For the official event under the banner of FIFA, the two teams had scuffled in the Confederations Cup in 2001.

World Cup 2010. Here is a prediction of the match Japan vs Cameroon 2010 World Cup South Africa. If Japan wants to survive this match is very important. Cameroon national team is likely to underestimate the Japanese as well as any other team. So most likely will not appear Cameroon passionate under the leadership of Samuel Etoo. With the fighting all-out push from the front lines then Japan will make its own problems for Cameroon. But although the Japanese fought desperately like they will have difficulty in scoring affairs. So the result of prediction is the match Japan VS Cameroon ended 0-0 draw.

Second Meeting Notes Team Records:

02/06/2001 Japan 2-0 Cameroon (Confederations Cup)
19/11/2003 Japan 0-0 Cameroon (Persehabatan Party)
22/08/2007 Japan 2-0 Cameroon (Persehabatan Party)

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