Tuesday, January 4, 2011

www.penerimaan.polri.go.id | Penerimaan Polri 2011

This will be held on 7 January 2011-14 January 2011. In accordance with his official website for the registration receipt www.penerimaan.polri.go.id polri 2010 can be done online to the website reminya secra www.penerimaan.polri.go.id. The following is a schedule of receipts polri 2011:
• 7 - January 14, 2011: Registration
• 7 - January 15, 2011: Preliminary Rikmin
• January 16, 2011: Preliminary Announcement Rikmin
• 17 to 27 January 2011: Rikkes 1
• January 28, 2011: Announcement Rikkes 1
• 29 to 30 January 2011: Rik Psi
• January 30, 2011: Announcement Rik Psi
• 1-2 Feb 2011: Trial Academy
• 2 Feb 2011: Announcement of the Academy Exam
• 4-6 Feb 2011: Rikkes II
• 7 Feb 2011: Announcement Rikkes II
• 8-9 Feb 2011: Physical Exam
• Feb 10, 2011: Announcement of Physical Exam
• 11-12 Feb 2011: Final Rikmin
• Feb 13, 2011: Announcement of Final Rikmin

And for how to sign up to the official site www.penerimaan.polri.go.id this, you will be given a blank form on the data themselves that need to be filled completely based on ID and several diplomas need to be scanned as an attachment vacancy registration receipt cop 2011. Here is the procedure for acceptance of the Police in conducting regristrasi 2011:
1. Participants open the website in www.penerimaan.polri.go.id
2. Once open registration of participants selecting the menu
3. Then click the "Acceptance Taruna / i Police Academy" or "Revenue Source police Inspector Bachelor" or "police Brigadier Acceptance" in accordance with the interests
4. Once open fill in the form completely and correctly (not falsified), according to documents owned by participants
5. After filling the data, participants to enter a verification code according to the image that appears on the registration field
6. Furthermore, participants enter a password as voted by the participants (at least 4 letters / characters), then click the "LIST"
7. Further information will appear pesar "Congratulations you have to fill out the registration form correctly, no registration is kept better hope it will be used to exchange no regional police in each of the regional police. If the loss can contact their respective regional police
8. Based on the results of the above registration, participants came to the Police in accordance with the requirements of the registration form completely and indicate the registration number obtained during online registration to the local committee

Nb: For a horizontal line at the official situe www.penerimaan.polri.go.id, be sure to save your data is complete before you get out of the website.

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