Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cara Daftar Baru Twitter (How to Sign New Twitter)

Here's how Here's how to create a new account on the social networking twitter Indonesia:
• Paste this address in the address bar:

• Enter your name in the column name, username (Please remember this will be used sing-up for each would log into twiter), passwords and email addresses. Click on my account creat
• Type the CAPTCHA words from the image. If you have trouble reading it, you can listen to the words by clicking a link on the right image. Click Finish

• There will be a suggestion that leads form you guys weeks to follow someone based on kateogi or hobby that person, if I still did not click Next Step at the bottom

• The next step is to see whether your friends in Twitter. This will be visible through the address in your email if you use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail. You can skip this step by clicking Next at the bottom also
• This step is a way to find your friends who might know the twiter, by doing or type the person's name on the top left sidebar, if do not want to do this click Next Step at the bottom
After you conduct the step-step-above then your twitter account has been created, but do not forget to open the email you used to sign up for twitter earlier, because you must ask for verification in a new twitter account which will dikirmkan via email, and if you want to login twiter Indonesia or please login to your twitter
OK,Selamat Mencoba...

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