Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Transfer Data From iPhone to Another Device

In contrast to other platforms, IOS device does not have the features file manager and transfer data wirelessly. But you can overcome these problems by installing applications and iFiles bump.
IOS-based devices such as Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and do not have a file manager. Its file structure can not be viewed by users so they can not create folders, move files or create files in specific locations. This makes it difficult for ordinary users who use a computer or device other than iDevice. Transfer data to another device is quite cumbersome because it must use a compatible data cable. Are compounded in the computer must be installed iTunes application is only available for Mac OS and Windows platforms. Linux users will be disappointed. But this condition does not mean the door is completely closed. There is still a gap that can be used.

Because there are creative developers who read this issue and make it into an application. There are several data transfer applications are available in the App Store to address the problem. But there are two applications that are quite capable and innovative that is bump and iTunes.
Data transfer with a bump. Many compliments have come to this free application. in the App Store, this application is achievement number 8 for free all-time iPhone application in the USA. Bump is very innovative because it makes the transfer of data to fellow users with great ease that is by shaking the two devices together, the data is moved directly to another device.

There are 2 parts bump that is applications that run on devices and intelligent algorithms running on the server cloud. Applications in mobile phones using a sensor that can really feel the sort of collision when the device is brought near. The response is to send the info. Matching algorithms same collision listening on the phone only. The system would then pass the information between two phones paired. The process looks long because they have to the server, but fast enough practice it only takes a few seconds. Interestingly, these applications can not only transfer data to sesame IOS device alone but also to other platforms namely android.

IFiles applications. Unlike the bump which only provides data transfer features between the two devices, applications iFiles have more complex features. If the bump is a free application, then to get iFiles you have to pay USD 3.99. This very complete application which features a file manager, image viewer, text editor, record sound to play songs and movies.

IFiles main page is a dashboard is the center of activity for the various purposes of data transfer. Press the plus (+) to add services. There are many choices of services some of which have been supporting cloud computing. Select the services you already owned. Enter your username and password to add the service. If successful then the dashboard page will show the services that are made. To transfer data via WiFi, used to activate the WiFi connection with a return to the Home Screen and then go to menu Settings> WiFi Networks. Run back and press the icon marked iFiles WiFi signal to activate the WiFi sharing. A moment will come in the form of the status of WiFi sharing info with URL addresses that are available. On a computer running a browser and enter the address that was displayed on the iPhone. You can download and upload data from computer to iPhone. Application to work as you wish, you can set it in the menu settings. Some things that can be adjusted is the sharing, passwords, file browser, theme, transfers, web browser etc..

To transfer data iFiles using a WiFi network and make the iPhone as a storage medium. You can download or upload files from your computer by accessing the web page URL is the address of the iPhone. More than that this application supports a variety of cloud computing services from providers who are well known.

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Some Diseases Caused By Fat Foods

Changes in the pattern of human life in this world especially the food consumption patterns that lead to a "Westernized" tend to contain excess fat and will cause various diseases that are currently known as metabolic syndrome.

One faction / derived from fats that circulate in the body is cholesterol, in addition to the fraction of fat called triglyceride materials and phopholipid. Levels of fat in the blood which increases commonly called hyperlipidemia.

In normal circumstances the body actually does need cholesterol for metabolic processes but in limited quantities. The source material can be derived cholesterol from the diet, but the body is also able to produce it themselves. For example in the liver tissue produces about 1 gram of cholesterol per day.

Consumption of foods containing cholesterol all the fat of animal origin, such as pork, mutton, chicken skin, chicken egg yolks, shrimp, crab, squid, jerohan and type of food ingredients derived from milk such as butter, cheese, and so on. Raw foods mentioned above contain the type of saturated fat, whereas unsaturated fats are typically derived from plant materials, such as corn oil, sesame, and soybean oil.

Excess cholesterol in the blood is called hypercholesterolemia tend to give a negative effect or damage the walls of blood vessels, especially on the walls of arteries throughout the body, including the coronary arteries that provide vascularization to the heart wall.

Excessive cholesterol in the blood vessels will oxidize and having interaction with macrophage cells and other biological substances will form foam cells (foam cells) that will accumulate in the blood vessel wall, and then infiltrated into the artery wall and form a crust or a plaque. Small pockets of the plaque will accumulate through a process called atherosclerosis that prolonged (decades) along with the level of food consumption of saturated fatty acids and less physical activity and not balanced by the amount of fat consumption.

Atherosclerosis, or plaque crust will break and will enter the bloodstream throughout the body and clumps of fat will clog the artery walls of the heart (coronary artery). Inhibition of blood flow to the heart wall resulting in cell death of heart muscle and cause a fatal condition called a wedge and cardiac death or myocardial infarct.

The attack on the heart are usually triggered by the existence of barriers or lack of blood flow by 50% in the coronary arteries due to atherosclerosis is plaque.

Symptoms are easy to recognize the existence of coronary heart attack is chest pain, chest distress and chest pain that spreads to the shoulders, neck, jaw, and arms.

Types of blood are needed to predict the presence of hypercholesterolemia is a "medical check-ups" to predict the incidence of illness in individuals to undetectable levels of cholesterol in the blood and several other parameters that support diagnostics in the scope of the metabolic syndrome (millitus diabetes, obesity, hypertension).

Before determining the type of cholesterol tests, required an understanding of some types of fat and cholesterol species involved and the dominant role in the process of atherosclerosis. Flow / transport of cholesterol material that will circulate throughout the body via a compound called lipoproteins, because as is known sustansi fats can not dissolve in water / liquid blood. There are several components-lipoprotein cholesterol is called Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), Very Low Density Lipoprotein (VLDL), and Chylomikron.

Based on research conducted from various experts, concluded the involvement of LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol in the process of atherosclerosis is more dominant. Because 60-80% of LDL cholesterol can transport the body to the whole tissue / organ / system, and will be absorbed by the body as a base material for forming the source of metabolic hormones and fat cells.

The need for materials that are transported by LDL cholesterol are limited, so that there is excess will be discharged into the bloodstream and will accumulate in the blood vessel walls, causing inflammation and produce a crust / atherosclerosis plaque above. As is known LDL composition is composed of fat and less protein and is an unstable compound, so the unused cholesterol which will be released and accumulate in the arteries vulnerable.

HDL compounds have higher levels of stability because it has a composition of protein and less fat. Because it is not easy to unravel so on HDL cholesterol are not easily separated and do not easily form a clot, so as to prevent the formation of plaque on blood vessel walls.

Based on the assumptions above, the higher LDL levels than the normal rate will result in atherosclerosis, otherwise if the HDL level lower than normal rate it will increase the risk of heart disease due to atherosclerosis.

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Monday, September 5, 2011


Before discussing about high blood pressure or hypertension, it helps you to know in advance about the blood pressure. When you perform a physical examination or clinical examination to the doctor, there is usually a special tool used by physicians to check blood pressure is called tensimeter. There tensimeter tensimeter digital and there is also mercury, which is still commonly used for clinical examination.

When checking blood pressure, there are two numbers eg 120/80 is commonly called, the point is: the first number (120) ie, systolic blood pressure is the pressure when the heart beat or beats (systole), often called the pressure on. While the second number (80) ie, diastolic blood pressure is the pressure when the heart is at rest between the time pumping.

The doctor will perform blood pressure checks by having you sit or lie down because it's the best position to measure blood pressure. Doctors will usually bind with an air bag on the right arm unless there is an injury on the arm. Then measured blood pressure. The difference between systolic and diastolic pressure is called pulse pressure.

Blood pressure is the pressure experienced by the blood in the arteries when blood is pumped by the heart to all members of the human body. Blood pressure is created by taking two sizes and usually there are two numbers shall be called by the doctor. If for example we got the result it will mean is 140-90 140-90 mmHg. 140 The first number indicates the upward pressure of the arteries due to cardiac pulsation or when the heart beat or beats, and is called the systolic pressure or pressure is often called upon. The second number (90) shows the pressure when the heart is resting between the pumping and is called diastolic pressure, or often also referred under pressure.

Why does blood pressure rise and what causes blood pressure to rise? As an illustration, if you're watering the garden with a hose, if you hit the end of the hose so the water that comes out will be faster. That's because the water pressure increases when being pressed. Also if you zoom in tap water, the flow of water through the hose will be faster because of increased water discharge. The same thing happens with your blood. If your blood vessels constrict the blood pressure inside the blood vessels will increase. In addition if the amount of blood flow increases, blood pressure will also increase.

Causes of high blood. There are several things that can cause a person has high blood pressure. There are factors that you can not control and there are also factors which you have control so that it can cope with high blood diseases. Some factors include:

Heredity. This factor can not be controlled. If we have parents or relatives who have high blood pressure then it is likely we will suffer from high blood pressure is greater. Research shows that the problem of high blood pressure is higher risk in identical twins than identical twins are not, because there is evidence that inherited genes for high blood pressure problems.

Age. This factor can not be controlled. Research shows that as we age, blood pressure will rise. It can not be certain that your blood pressure while still young will be the same with your blood pressure when getting old. But you can control not to exceed the upper limit of normal.
Salt. These factors can you control. Salt can increase blood pressure rapidly in some people, especially for diabetics, people with mild hypertension, people with old age, and those who were black.

Cholesterol. These factors can you control. Excess fat content in your blood, it can cause cholesterol deposits in blood vessel walls. This can make blood vessels constrict and blood pressure consequently increases. Take control of your cholesterol as early as possible.

Obesity / overweight. These factors can you control. People with a body weight above 30% ideal body weight are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure.

Stress. These factors can you control. Stress and emotions are not stable conditions also can trigger high blood pressure.

Cigarettes. These factors can you control. Smoking can increase blood pressure becomes high. Smoking may increase the risk of diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. Because the smoking habit which continues to proceed when it has high blood pressure is a very dangerous combination that will trigger diseases related to heart and blood.

Caffeine. These factors can you control. Caffeine is in tea and coffee and fizzy drinks can cause increased blood pressure.

Alcohol. These factors can you control. Excessive alcohol consumption also causes high blood pressure.

Lack of exercise. These factors can you control. Lack of exercise and moving can cause blood pressure increases in the body. Regular exercise can lower high blood pressure but do not do vigorous exercise if you suffer from high blood pressure.

How about you? Are you ready to change your old lifestyle that is less healthy? Remember that healthy is expensive.

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Stop Global Warming by Go Green Lifestyle

Change the convenient Become Inconvenient truth! Earth is getting hot and you need help and protection! Change habits and prevent energy leakage resulting in excessive carbon combustion. Stop global warming and start to go green lifestyle! Let us change the face of this earth in order to be more comfortable to live.

You'll often hear the word 'greenhouse effect' or 'global warming'. But still many people who misunderstood this. The greenhouse effect is one of the causes of climate change on Earth. These changes led to an unfriendly weather disasters. The greenhouse effect is the event trapping sunlight in the atmosphere that makes the earth warm. Analogous conditions are similar to those seen in the greenhouse on the estate.

Greenhouse serves to make the sun penetrate freely, illuminating the room, and keep warm so the cold does not destroy life in it. Earth has an atmosphere that became the dividing wall so that the sun is absorbed directly and keep the earth warm. Rays are absorbed into the reflected back into space. Problems arise when the gas or the combustion of carbon in the earth up, collected, and blocking the reflection of sunlight back into space that will be returned. Light rays that are trapped heat is then made of the earth surface temperature rises.

The heat that accumulates this be the cause of climate warming, known as global warming. This event makes various changes like world of the polar ice melts each year due to heating, making sea levels rise, and make the damage of natural ecosystems and the various disasters. Warming is not happening just because of light reflection building glass, smoke from factory chimneys and vehicle exhaust.

Atmospheric carbon gases that cover consists of various gases such as CO2, methane, CFCs, nitrogen monoxide, etc.. All were produced regularly by humans consciously and unconsciously. Climate warming exacerbated by the shrinking water resources and deforestation. Continuity of human habitation was on the verge of collapse. Small steps that you plant today will bear fruit in the future. It's time to change the fact that one becomes a better, more comfortable, more friendly to the earth.

Many human activities that cause the release of carbon gases. To minimize the release of harmful carbon gases, it's time to start paying carbon gas you spend. Suppose if your car air conditioner starts, then you've let go of gas and heat. One activity you can pay with a tree as an absorber of carbon gases. Reduce the use of electrical devices and reduce wasted energy habits.
Replace your regular light bulbs with CFL use. This lamp is able to reduce 60% energy use and reduce carbon released into the air.

Before turning on an electrical device, turn off one other electrical equipment.
Use rechargeable batteries.
Buy local products and choose fresh foods instead of frozen food.
Use recycled paper and make the waste as compost soil also always dispose of trash in its place.
Use the shower in the bath instead of using the bath tube. Reduce the use of hot water when bathing and better use the scoop in the bath.
Tamping rain water as effectively as possible and use the back for anything useful.
Increase walking and cycling.
Turn off lights and unplug all unused electrical equipment.
Open your window and breathe fresh air, so that it can reduce air conditioning usage.
Planting trees as often as possible.

How, easy is not the simple steps to slow global warming?

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