Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Prediction france vs mexico in 2010 world Cup

June 17 at 18:30 at the Peter Mokaba Stadium, Match France vs. Mexico in World Cup 2010, match against france mexico will certainly show a very powerful game exciting and wonderful, considering that both teams have very good technique, with balanced second technique team will then predict a lot of opportunities created in the game. By looking at the team's squad and the squad mexico france so predictive outcome score / score this time France won with a score of 2-1. bagamana with your prediction?. It's no secret that Javier Aguirre has stated his desire to look to the future with more confidence to put the ball in the net. After the game against Angola in Houston, Aguirre formulate his theory, and to this day still resonates in South Africa. Mexico failed to South Africa to put JABULANI in the net. El Tri deserve a better result after the end of the first half. This outbreak is Mexico expressly states that lead to revitalization of the Bafana Bafana in the second round. With France is a whole different story, on paper, France is a favorite, not Mexico. History shows that when Mexico is labeled as a child, he always found a way to magically grow and become a giant in front of an audience.

Mexico must improve: Dynamics, is related to the initial idea Javier "Little Pea" Hernandez was not Guillermo Franco, and not Paul Aguilar Andres Guardado. Franco's chances faded because he could not put the ball in the net, and he did not have Carlos Vela and Giovani Dos Santos speed. Because he is characterized as a Mexican-born Argentine, Franco should be cataloged as a different player, but the evidence proves that he did not.
Mexico will fight if: Raymond Domenech's starting XI won the ownership of the ball and pound the Mexican defense (including the caliber of our goalie). If Domenech decided to include Franck Ribery and Florent Malouda in Mexico starting XI wing defenders will not be pleasant appear at the end of the attack. Gerardo Torrado no longer able to show the poor and giving the ball over the world died because of the poor. Margin of error in this game is too small to mess with the basics, especially the retention of the ball.

Mexico must improve: Finishing, plain and simple. If you have one chance you scored one goal. If you have two chances You score two goals. Maradona said the best two days ago. In a press conference Maradona said "if you forgive in front of goal that you pay for." Well, Argentina and Mexico almost paid the price would be if they forgive the French in front of goal. Can Mexico's still making history? Mexico can still make history if it lives up to the past history and increase their level of play against better opponents. We see when Mexico plays Brazil, Italy, Argentina and other plants, Mexico just played better. Day of El Salvador, Mexico could play and look like an amateur team but tomorrow Mexican box off a 2-0 win against Brazil and the whole time playing like the best version of Barcelona.

Prediction: 2-1 France Mexico

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