Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Denmark vs Japan Football Forecast

World Cup Prediction June 25, 2010 at 01:30 AM Japan vs. Denmark at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium Rustenburg. Travel along with the Netherlands removal depends only on the outcome if the game is. The pressure will be in Denmark at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium because they need a win to advance to the direct elimination round of 16.

Although Japan and Denmark tied at 3 points each in Group E rating, Japan won 1 point goal differential advantage, so that Japan will advance to the bracket with either win or draw. statistical simulation forecasts about 55% chance of winning or drawing matches Japan, leaving Denmark 45% chance to move through.

The main concern for the Japanese team should be higher Denmark has a significant advantage over them, slightly more than 3 "on average per player this advantage must be very strong at the set piece, where a lot of the ball is played as a header Japan seems to be sending the same units like the last game, except for Shunsuki Nakamura may be added to the starting lineup, while he came off the bench against the Dutch. Denmark will have to replace defender Simon Kjaer excessive because the yellow card offense.

Prediction Denmark vs. Japan 2:1

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