Friday, July 16, 2010

RJ finally established as the first spreader video ariel

RJ is a recording technician Peterpan editing. police have set suspects the first disseminator of new video nasty Ariel, that is, those initials RJ. "RJ has been frequently reprimanded in order not to tamper with data on the laptop Ariel," said Head of Public Relations Division, Police Headquarters, Inspector General of Police Edward Aritonang, in a press conference held this afternoon at Police Headquarters. RJ turned out to retrieve the data without permission from Ariel's video nasty as the owner of the video. RJ get a video nasty Ariel Dance-Luna-Cut from the laptop Ariel.
RJ even take videos without the permission of Ariel, still no change in section imposed on Ariel, because the police see no indication Ariel make the distribution. Understanding the spread of its own by Edward is not limited to video to others.

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