Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Continuing the case of rape and Marwa SAFA soap opera actress

Safa and Marwa soap opera artist who initials YU (Yuniza) has examined police-related news Cisarua rape of a soap opera star initials YU, who reportedly raped by two men in turn in a car in the area of highway Jagorawi, Bogor.Young woman named YU indeed have reported two crew soap opera named Helmy and Ali Zein who had allegedly raped her. Yuniza alternately claimed to have been raped by both defendants news is the rape of a soap opera star initials YU currently under development Cisarua police the police. "As is the case currently under development. One person managed to secure us, but the other managed to escape. The escape namely Ali Zein and is currently in the process of pursuit, "said the police source Polsek Cisarua, Bogor, West Java, on Friday.

The incident began when Yuniza after filming in the area of Puncak, Bogor. Two men raped Yuniza film crew on Monday, November 2, 2009, early morning. Finally Yuniza reported this tragic incident to the police and he had to undergo autopsy report in RS PMI Bogor.Baru now he has dared to report the rape incident to the police and now the new police Yuniza testing conditions, which is rumored as a close friend of artist Nikita Willy
who is going through the rape incident.

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