Thursday, July 8, 2010


Paul Gurita forecasters are British-born male octopuses put on Aquarium Sea Life Centre, Oberhausen, Germany, Paul was born in Weymouth, England, and moved from the Weymouth Sea Life Park (to Germany). Where Paul octopus is a person who's at least make people wonder because paul successful prediction of 2010 world cup matches this right and many tebakanya the right time, and no wonder many are seeking information and profiles on the octopus paul the fortune-teller who lived in kuarium Sea Life Centre, Oberhausen.

Last octopus is predicting the match between spain vs germany and he said that Spain will win and who consequently preiksi is accurate and true. But the octopus is said to have died. And has no known cause, it's only an autopsy will be held the cause of death of the octopus paul this astrologer.

To review more information please see this diweb: Octopus Paul Death

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