Saturday, July 3, 2010

prediksi uruguay vs belanda

Wednesday, July 7 1:30 on RCTI / Global TV will broadcast the semi-finals of the second pertandiangan Uruguay VS Dutch team, which took place in Green Point. The first semifinal will be very interesting crowd of football fans. The Netherlands is famous for its players named Stekelenburg assailant dubbed the master of goals for the Dutch team. In addition, the Uruguay team that is very tough Musclera in printing gol2 for their team.

We can analyze the prediction also of the Dutch game against Brazil on Friday kemarin.dengan SCOR wins 2-1 to the Netherlands. Judging from the pattern of the Dutch game in the face of Brazil, we can conclude that in this first semi-final match, the Dutch team will be more superior than Uruguay. And there are many who think that game against the Netherlands at the time of brazil team, they have absolutely no difficulty in pursuing the score at half-mining where brazil team had scored earlier than dutch with the score 1-0 for the first dibabak brazil. But in the second half turns to attack besar2an dutch to brazil team, and a very impressive second-half score dutch successfully mengbah position 2-1 to the Dutch team.

From the results of eight large dutch game against Brazil on Friday night pulled lalu.bisa prediction that the outcome of the Uruguay vs Netherlands score was: 1-2 to win the red team.

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