Sunday, July 11, 2010

On his return from the U.S., have accused Vexia Velove video nasty by ariel

Benar - benar apes si bintang sinetron Velove Vexia True - true soap opera is definitely the star of this Vexia Velove, back from America instead greeted with the best of journalists, but even in interviews around berudarnya there is also a video nasty gossip with ariel bang paterpan. Velocity-was immediately denied such gossip.

Saturday, 10 juli2010 at night night when interviewed wartawan.Kata Velove with outspoken, "Ariel did not know. Know the person really, but I never knew, I just saw on TV, oh that person ". When interviewed Velove are following the Pond's Beauty Under Water Walk Showcase at Epicentrum Rasuna in Kuningan, South Jakarta.

With the gossip is that there is also a video nasty ariel and Velocity Vexia. Velovepun father very, very furious her daughter made a video nasty gossip ariel, the father promised to find out who spread the rumor that he includes artists who have a video with Ariel. And will report to the authorities on the basis of defamation daughter Velove Vexia

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