Friday, August 20, 2010

10 Tips Cara Efektif Untuk Melihat Setan atau Jin

It's my secret love for the curious look in supernatural beings, aka Satan aka genie. For the curious can try but do not be scared you know, the condition is easy IF YOU DO NOT disturb them, they will not interfere with YOU. Well if you just look at it khan did not interfere, this monggo could see the devil tips, please try:

Tip 1:
Use an umbrella. Open your umbrella and your shelter underneath. do alone and at night.

Tip 2:
Stretch your legs continue to squat. Look at the Backs of your legs That have been stretched before. If the visible appearance you do not ever turn around to see it. Apablia you do then the creature will from some cuman 5 cm from your face and the result cans make you blingsatan (convulsions). If you are Afraid you Walk with his back to the creature as he read the prayer., Else you will of continue to follow Wherever you go.

Tip 3:
You do not use any clothes and was alone in a place that you think is haunted.
This method is not I suggest, because if you caught the guard Ntar orgil mistaken.

Tip 4:
Take heart that is still fresh enough monkeys continued to burn into charcoal liver, mash until smooth. After that apply the charcoal powder to both your eyelid. Usually after that you will LGS see things that are not visible to the naked eye.

Tip 5:
Burn incense arab + hio chinese place that is considered haunted. Do not speak in doing so.

Tip 6:
Take fistful native shrimp paste (not use formalin) and hold it in place grilled shrimp paste is usually spelled haunted. If the place is penunggunya bener2 usually not how long it will appear. Please be careful because if they bobbed dah (jin) appeared in a state of anger. Gmn not angry with her shrimp paste smells Geto bgt loch. In performing this procedure is expected in the circumstances did not speak.

Tip 7:
That time is a bit silly seh, but please try. Pee in an old building or large tree which the bird will fly angker.yakin deh enghilang. If you do not believe try it, khan ma tau-tau disentil setan2 burung.wkwkwkkwk thu girl ....

Tip 8:
Do it together. You and your friends tell you ghost problem in a place that you think is haunted. Usually as long as you tell makhluk2 smooth delighted to listen to stories about them that. Usually they are behind people who tell stories.

Tip 9:
Use the caller's oil spirits. Lots sold in the market.
This method is 50-50. Sometimes appear sometimes not.

Tip 10:
Last tip is the most effective tips, I guarantee you meet the devil!! Tip is to please you aja khan suicide can pass the devil. Khan Satan is the spirit, if we've ever khan game over as well so the spirit. So same-sam khan spirit can also be liat2an especially omong2an lho.heheheh

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