Thursday, August 12, 2010

Israeli Army Fear Ama pin??

Hehehhe ... ridiculous once the Israeli army was afraid of the pin kecil.hahahaha. This comment from a few volunteers from Europe, "They Are Afraid of safety pins!" "The Israelis fear the pin!".
The story is this:
When the raids at the Port of Ashdod. One of them is that a few tens of veiled Muslim women at the top Mavi Marmara, some reported that not only are they forced to open all the clothes down to underwear, even should submit their hijab pin fastener to the women of the armed Israeli soldiers. Where volunteers Friends of Al-Aqsa, Santi Soekanto, not only experiencing pat-down (searched by way checked by hand) but still shouted at all, "Do you have sharp weapons with you? You bring a sharp weapon? "Santi who hates it because obviously does not bring anything, replied curtly," Only my pins. Only the pin. "

Hahahah this is ludicrous real story that happened a few tens of veiled Muslim women during raids at the Port of Ashdod

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