Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jupe Versi Sopan!!! Jupe Berbusana Muslim!!! MANA NAHAN???

end story Jupe Penampilannnya somewhat aware of that section which is always inviting the men lust. But it looks just Jupe awareness month of Ramadan alone deh! hmm ... the basis of the Jupe, but kagak nothing than not to realize the same sekali.hehhehe.
To support keniatan Jupe polite dress this month of Ramadan, Jupe-was asked to pray in order to appear more closed in dressing.
So says Jupe Julia Perez alias former Regent Candidate Pacitan that when found in the office of MD Entertainment, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, Sunday, August 22, 2010, "Well I used to wear to a formal event aja. I should be able to appreciate the dress closed. pray aja easy I hope I can be much more closed "

When interviewed about the fear Jupe orders will be quiet because it does not look sexy in last Ramadan, jupe-replied, "Nah tuh, because any kind of woman who looks sexy, does not necessarily have to appear open. I believe God's provision is determined what is best for me. So do not be afraid to appear closed, ".. Jupe Yeah hopefully this is not just the month of Ramadan only, but in the following months still look decent. Yes we pray alone.

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