Saturday, August 21, 2010

Again Happen Earthquake Shocks in Bantul Region Yogyakarta

Saturday, August 21, 2010 Once again an earthquake happens again a special region of Yogyakarta, especially in the Bantul district of Yogyakarta. Due to the earthquake the residents immediately rushed out of the house while waiting for the situation safe. Until 19:00 pm, residents have not come into the house. Gocangan 5 SR magnitude quake hit Bantul, Yogyakarta., feels up to the city center. The coordinates are precisely 8:03 south latitude and 110.39 east longitude, or 15 miles southeast of Bantul. Residents who jump out of the house since the earthquake at 18:42 pm.

Thus the results of interviews with victims of the earthquake in Bantul, the "Earthquake, earthquake," shouted the population shortly after the earthquake. There are also those from other regions to feel the strength of the quake. Nurbanuhito words, residents of Magelang, "I got information from friends in Wonosobo and Waterford, they also felt the earthquake shocks. "

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