Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tragedi Merah Putih Terbalik

The tragedy is very embarrassing when raising Sang Saka Merah Putih yesterday in West Papua Province, Paskibra FATAL mistake by flying a flag upside-down red and white into red and white. At that ceremony officers led by Captain Infantry Irawan, while the Infantry commander Maj. Robert Morin ceremony which was also the Chief of Staff Kodim 1703 Manokwari. Idowari Pedy flag raisers, Dawn Rustam and Abdul Kadir. While First Lieutenant Commander Paskibraka Kadiwaru.

When interviewed by reporters why the error could occur, Paskibra feel guilty and answer keselahan is due to rain. Said Police Commissioner Wachyono, Papua police spokesman said: "There was negligence when the flag will be flown, the white and red above so below, but it also immediately stopped and corrected and there was absolutely no elements of sabotage in the incident, only negligence occurred because of the possibility Paskibrakanya tense "

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