Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Curious, Pay Rates Tukul Arwana Once Shown Not Four Eyes in th 2010

Tukul Arwana, courtesies are not familiar with this figure as a presenter hammer Arowana NOT FOUR EYES Eye broadcast television stations Trans 7. This hogi face brings good fortune indeed a very, very menajubkan, with whiskers like African catfish and koi fish's mouth so could make millionaires hammer. At age 43, whose real name Tukul Arwana Tukul Riyanto enjoys an exceptional heyday.

Pay per show Not Four Eyes, Tukul Arwana in 2007 alone was reached at 30 million per episode, or during activities off the water. Here the word Tukul time in 2007, "Bilangin same person, if not USD 30 million do not bother," said the assistant Tukul named Teguh. And now the year 2010, surely many of us wonder "How much for a pop releases of 2010 Not Four Eyes ya?"

PLEASE if you are stunned, dumbfounded payment rates Tukul Arwana once appeared in 2010 it was 50 million once the appearance. WOOOOOWWWW ... ... was really really horrible hammer earnings a week so about 350 million men !!!!! so Tukul Arwana recently build a house for 5 Miliard.

Well, from there we can see that humans are bad-bad kind of anything, God has a wonderful plan and not kurang2 if He would open the way to bless us. Bottom line: EVERY MAN PERFECT IN EYE CREATED TUHAN.camkan that, whatever the conditions you face, there must be a plan God created us!!

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