Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flash Flood Victims in the City of West Papua Wasior

Very, very horrible dasyatnya flood disaster which malanda Wasior city of West Papua, The death toll of flash floods in the city today thursday Wasior 7Oktober 2010 has reached 87 people. However, estimates can be more than 150 people because a lot of bodies buried in thethe soil has not been found because longsongan from flash floods ,Wondama Bay District ,West Papua .
Here is a review of the results of interviews with the Secretary of the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) West Papua La Abidin, "The victim died 87 people, injured 837", he said. This data was obtained on Thursday 7th October 2010 until 06.30 CET. From some of the victims were taken to hospital by helicopter because the roads are very difficult to pass because a lot of the heap of soil and mud.

Currently, PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) are still focused on the evacuation of victims buried under landslides, health care and data collection in the camp. Of the many people who were saved from the flood disaster, said "People are still traumatized, so fled to Manokwari and Nabire especially if it rains. " So they are on the refuge and are reluctant to view his home which was flooded due to trauma.

Refugees calculated at least 4,000 people to evacuate and to the location of flood disasters is calculated banda Wasior City was badly damaged by 80 percent.

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