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Jakarta, December 14, 2008


Head of Public Relations

(Please check to each agency, what part of cooperation deals with the procurement)

Hospital ... ... ....

In place

Subject: Application for Co-operation


Previously please Sorry if this letter interfere with Mr. / Ms. Introduce me (Kastam, RO) from Optic ... .. (Or just introduce who you are, which of course according to your skill).

Herewith I would like to submit a proposal in collaboration with (call instansinya). The form of cooperation is the provision of service eye exam (refraction) free of charge to the patient's hospital (this is if the hospital had no poly eye, usually a clinic or PBDS no poly eyes, if there is poly eye it must be deleted) and the provision of eyeglasses to patients in need.

In this course, I want to help the government program in terms of providing services to communities in need with good service and can fulfill the need for correction of refractive abnormalities in nature.

In addition, this form of cooperation would be mutually beneficial between us, with good form in the form of materials or services. (Well, here describe the material you are offering, for example there is the division of each transaction glasses a percentage to these institutions, it is up to you, or you will rent a place just so many dollars per month, or rent a few dollars and give a percentage of profits, and so on ... please set itself. Of course, should be an interesting and rewarding officials, because you are in a position offered.)

For your consideration, in terms of cooperation, I will provide the following facilities:

1. Equipment check (trial frames and lenses) or Autorefraktometer / computer (according to what you have and if the agency had no poly eye, if there are yaaa would not have to).
2. Tool adjustment
3. Glasses / frames
4. Furniture - display - rack sunglasses

In this cooperation, things I want to need from the institution is a place just enough to display glasses, or if there is no poly eye then have to ask for a standard room for examination. (For the administrative system and so can tell when there is a green light from the office. Usually the most in the consideration by the agency is a division of profits or rental fees, etc., then this please note).

So this cooperation proposal I made in good faith and earnest intention would be established for cooperation of mutual benefit. I hope for Mr. / Mrs cooperation could approve this proposal. Once again the answer to my proposal really looked forward to, for your attention and cooperation I thank you.


(Your Name)

Optical ... ...

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