Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why Always Happen On the 26th of Natural Disasters? Ni He MYSTERY OF NUMBERS "26 "

 misteri angka 26 , misteri tanggal 26 Misteri 26 indeed it was only trusted by the community. Masyarakatpun always wondered why any natural disasters in Indonesia, it all happened on the 26th???? let us squawk all about linkages of natural disasters on 26 with mystery number "26".

We need to remember and replay back events - events on the 26th:
Tsunami Aceh: 26 - 12-2004
Jogja Earthquake: 26 - 05-2006
Tasik Earthquake: 26 - 06-2010
Tsunami Mentawai: 26 - 10-2010
Merapi: 26 - 10-2010

What's wrong with 26??

This is what makes the mystery that we need to know, why all happened right on the 26th? Is all this emamng natural line if the world had ii really want to doom and the end times?
Maybe it's something to do with the verse mentioned Haggai 2:6 "For thus saith the Lord of hosts: a little while longer I will shake the heavens, earth, sea and land ..."

These are the signs of end times my friends, should we begin to get closer to HER because time is getting old. All agamapun admit it if it's a lot of mini-style disaster is because the world was nearing the end of time.

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