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Contoh Pidato - Format Pidato

Contoh Pidato – to make a good speech, we should know the format of the example speeches - sample speeches existing ones. And once we understand the preparation of the format of the speech, should we decide or choose the title proper speech for delivery of a speech.

Speech format or composition of speech should not be too complicated, short and right on target according to the election speech title, following a speech I gave an example - existing speech format, please be learned:


Gentlemen! The Honorable Lecturer Pen Dar stai Drs. Habibullah. What I respect the student / student Pen Dar stai. How happy I am as served as mother to the State of Indonesia, on this day! Today, we celebrate National Education Day, which took place in the field Bogor Palace on 2 May 2007. With commemorate National Education may we more spirit / risen to promote and educate the nation's children's education to be useful for the nation, state and school age children Agama.Pertambahan fast and accretion graduates each education level are great, but not followed by the addition of infrastructure and facilities prompt and adequate education, pose a problem for the government to provide "education and teaching" on all citizens as mandated by the Basic Law.

This issue is crucial because beragamanya geographically vast and scattered archipelago with the level of socio-economic development of culturally different. When implementing it for the first time REPELITA with an emphasis on economic development which is seen as the foundation for other aspects of national development. In education reform focused attention on remediation efforts and improving the quality and arrangement of the opportunity to get education. Regarding the latter is difficult to achieve if only through the ways of utilizing technology konvesial communication and technology, information, radio and television. In 2007 the government has set a national budget for education by 20% for elementary, junior and senior high school. Programs and activities that are not made solely on the basis of the number of school buildings, teachers, books and others. Didentifikasikan alternative that is:

1. The addition of capacity SLP carried out both by the addition of new schools
2. Improved capacity of private schools
3. Development of an open school with media correspondence, modules, radio broadcasts, television broadcasts, etc.
4. The opening of the courses of practical skills outside of school as a distribution point kemasyarkat ..

Ki Hajar Dewantara (1889-1959) a prominent Indonesian education is the establishment of educational institutions memprokarsai Park students. He is more famous for its philosophy of "tut wuri handayani, until mid Mangun intention, until Ngarso sung tulada. Dewantara classify pandidikan goal with the term "tri-nga" (three "nga-nga is the last letter in the alphabet Java ajisak). "Nga" The first is to understand "(comprehend / intellectual aspects). "Nga second" is "ngrasa" is (feel aspects of affection), and "nga" The third is "nglakonin" (teaching or psychomotor aspects). Formulate educational goals that include aspects of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. According Dewantara, is the right of every people to organize themselves, and therefore teaching should educate children to become independent of human mind, thought and energy. Teaching should not be too put thoughts of intelligence because it can separate the people tepelajar with rakyat.Akhir until here, may further increase the Indonesian people and educating children and creating a productive learner, creative, innovative and useful to the nation and the State, Creating human resources qualified and independent that can meet global needs.

EXAMPLES OF SPEECH MESSAGE school graduation farewell

Dear Mr. Principal, Mr. and Mrs. Teacher, and friends that I love.

First of all let us pray toward praise gratitude to God Almighty for His grace over all on this day we can gather together to hold a farewell ceremony school.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to represent my friends to convey a few words in the context of this separation.

During school, we as students are very proud and grateful to all teachers who have taught at this school, which is very good, never favoritism in educating, very patient and tireless in guiding us. Thanks to the efforts of all teachers, we were able to graduate from junior high.

I hope all the teachers in charge of teaching at this school can be given good health and happiness always given.

Also for teman2 all. Really it's hard to part with you all, because we've bersama2 for 3 years. But still I also pray teman2 all can move on to higher education, both to high school, to CMS, the STM and other educational institutions to be able to achieve so far diangan2kan cita2.

Finally, I would say success is always made teman2, my prayer accompanies teman2 all ...


Assalamualaikum wr wb, father / mother and their teacher colleagues who I respect, first of all let us pray toward praise and thanksgiving to the god the mighty one who has given grace and hidayahnya to all of us so that we can gather in this place, I say many thanks for the opportunity given to me to deliver a speech entitled "The Effect of Internet on Teenagers."

Before I began my speech I would like to limit the problems will I have to say in a speech today, which among others, the influence of internet on teenagers in terms of positive and negative terms.

Internet, a word that is familiar in the ears of every person, especially the teenagers who always hang out with the tech world luxury, luxurious, and practical, the Internet can be found wherever we are, to capitalize the mobile phone that has an Internet connection, the Internet can be accessed with ease through HP wherever we are, or if not, in every corner of the city must have a Shop that sells Internet services or commonly called a "cafe", Information World Without Borders, that's how people call it, I am not so sure but what is virtually such circumstances, with the Internet, or access road to the delivery of information-information that exist in this world can be retrieved easily while turning the hand or eye blink.

A lot of science that is so abundant there, the information about anything can be found on this internet universe, then what to do with students? Of course very closely related to the student because the student did not escape with the name and information science, the internet is the most effective media and easy to come by and accessible by anyone anywhere, although can not be denied that because of this freedom may occur also abuse use of internet facilities as a means to Crime or immoral, students who are new to the Internet typically use this facility to find it strange? As the pictures are not obscene, or funny videos that are "immoral" to influence the soul and personality of the students themselves, so that affected students and disrupt the concentration of the learning process in school.

However, not all students do so, only a handful of students who are just nosy that can do it because it lacked a sense of responsibility towards self and surroundings, but in general the Internet is used by each student to seek or obtain information relating to their subject matter she received in school, it allows students to become more creative and more active in looking for sources of information and science compared with students who just sit quietly in front of the desk and listen to the teacher talk.

This can be a motivator to the students to continue to grow and also can function as a destroyer (youth), youth are creatures that are vulnerable to changes around him, he will follow the most dominant thing that are close by so the possibility of a drastic change in periods adolescence will lead to where the teenager will run, positive or negative direction depending on where in the start.

Teens who daily interact with the Internet will be more responsive to changes in the surrounding information because he was accustomed to and more aware of this information and more often than others. But in addition, adolescents who have a negative tendency in the opposite case, he will seem passive because only enslaved by the ease and wealth of information from the internet.

Therefore it would be nice if we can wisely use this facility with the best in terms of positive progress for the sake of ourselves and our personal, and as teenagers we all need to master the technology that is being raced in this era, because then we will be joined in the rush to meet the future.

I say thank you for your attention, Akhirul said, wassalamualaikum wr wb.


Good afternoon,

Dear Principal SMP Santa Ursula BSD, Victoria Istiningsih.

The Honorable Vice Principal SMP Santa Ursula BSD Eusthasia Suwarti.

Dear teachers SMP Santa Ursula BSD.

And all junior high students a happy Santa Ursula BSD.


Thank God I say Praise the Lord Almighty for all His blessings, I am also grateful to the teachers who have organized this event. Do not forget to thank my friends who have supported this event.

At this opportunity, I would like to invite us all to recall, some patterns of life that we do from the causes of globalization. Whether globalization is very influential in our lives? I hope that on this occasion, we all know, how big the impact of globalization in our lives. I also hope we all can deal with the impact of globalization.

In this 21st century, globalization became the norm for us. Globalization, meaning the global process. Of course, all aspects of life to feel its influence. For example, in the field of transportation. Every day we can see the whole road was packed by various types of motor vehicles. For example cars. In fact, before the car was found, most people will walk away for a journey, even a very long though. In addition to the field of transport, aspects of life are affected by the globalization of telecommunications. At present mobile phone is a communication tool that has been owned by everyone. In addition to cell phones, which is not less important is the internet. Globalization requires us to have a computer equipped with Internet network.

In the culinary field, the impact of globalization is also quite large. Western cuisine became very popular all over the world. For example Pizza Hut, KFC, CFC, Hoka Hoka Bento, and so forth. This causes the typical food in the country becomes less attractive. No less important, aspects of life are also feeling the impact of globalization is the fashion. Today is a worldwide trend that is from western countries. If the Indonesian people prefer a trend overseas, who will preserve the culture of Indonesia?

Sports fields are also feeling the impact of globalization. Today the whole world is very interested in football, basketball, badminton, and so forth. Not just sports activities, support tools, too, felt the impact of globalization. Examples of shoes. Shoes become a very important tool supporters. Model and form of shoes had to be adapted to exercise.

From some aspects that I mentioned earlier, it is clear that globalization is very influential on all aspects of life. Each person is to feel the effects. As good citizens, we have to cope with the impact of globalization. We should be able to take positive values and discard negative values. For example, by selecting a foreign culture into our country. We should be able to choose a good culture, which does not conflict with existing norms in our country. Because the culture within the city, is the hallmark of our own country, we must guard. In order not to lose information, we have to follow the development of information and technology.

So there are many ways that we can do to deal with the impact of globalization. We may feel the impact, but we must take a positive impact, and remove its negative impacts.

Hopefully what I have said earlier is useful for all of us that are here. I hope that with the globalization of this all people can take positive values. Thank you for the attention of teachers, friends, and their school principals and vice principals SMP Santa Ursula BSD. And so, good afternoon.


Assalamualaikum wr wb, father / mother and their teacher colleagues who I respect, first of all let us pray toward praise and thanksgiving to the god the mighty one who has given grace and hidayahnya to all of us so that we can gather in this place, I say many thanks for the opportunity given to me to deliver a speech entitled "The Influence of Television on Students". Before I began my speech I would like to limit the problems will I have to say in a speech today, which include; influence television in terms of positive and negative.

When we see the general effect of television on student tanpak indeed very useful and meaningful as the medium of television is a means to deliver information on the most effective and efficient, in terms of effective and efficient delivery of information in terms of price to obtain that information. With television media insights and knowledge a student can develop rapidly in line with the development of existing technology. Many positive things can be taken from the television media is that among such, information on the latest news, general science, entertainment / entertainment, and so forth.

A student should always know the latest information that occurred worldwide in order to add insight and knowledge from the students themselves, who can he use to develop themselves in the future, because with human information can be better than before, while for the field of entertainment / amusement , this course serves to reduce the sense of fatigue or boredom on each student in the teenage years or in periods of learning, why is that? Because every student who is developing will experience a thing as "bored" and this needs to be prevented by the activities that are entertaining / reflection which can make it always "Fresh" and positive thinking, making it always active and creative.

Apart from the insight and knowledge that can be obtained by students of television, the intimacy between the families will be created so as to make students feel comfortable being among his family, because family is also one of the main factors determining the success of a student myself, besides it also can educate parents their children more easily through the medium of television and the parents may more easily provide guidance to the child so the child will not feel burdened to understand what is wanted by his parents. These is one we can feel / see a positive impact in terms of television on students, but other than that a lot of negative things that can happen if the students have been affected by television, among them are lazy, imitate the things that are not good / negatives such as how to socialize, talk, look, and personality.

Lazy is the most often occurs when a student has been affected by the fun of watching television, so forget about learning, and this is very detrimental to the students themselves because with being lazy he will not get anything and what ideals he seek in his life, therefore it is wonderful for parents to limit television viewing time and filter the display to suit the needs of the child, other than lazy television a bad influence on children's behavior that is modeled on things that should not be in the example, suppose children aged under five years of watching television shows for adults, of course this is very "dangerous" because children can be adults before adulthood, referring to acts committed by adults should not be emulated by young children, such as violence, life-style look, hang out, and force- speaking style that does not comply with the rules of good language, and so forth. It also requires the control of a parent to show that such an adult nature. If this is already happening so negativ then we can see the personality of the students themselves will change and "Possible" detrimental to all parties, including himself.

The conclusion is that, every thing that exists in this world must have rules and a different view namely, good and bad, as well as with television media, which should be used for good things but still have an impact that is not good for some people and / or function. Thus the role of parents to educate children (students) are very important as well as awareness of the students themselves should be high and are responsible for what he wanted to do with guidance from teachers and the positive activities he did while he was the school environment.

I say thank you for your attention, Akhirul said, wassalamualaikum wr wb.


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