Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Family TKI Sumiati Arab Departure

 foto siksaan sumiati , Keluarga TKI Sumiati Berangkat ke Arab , foto luka sumiati ,  arab Thursday, November 18, 2010 TKI Sumiati Departing Medina - Family Kemenlu Indonesia has dispatched workers Sumiati to Medina on Thursday this. Departure Uncle Sumiati "Julkarnaen" into Arabic aims to meet the niece who underwent treatment at the hospital Alfahd Saudi Arabia due to severe injuries all over his body marks of torture in the Arab employer.

Currently Julkarnaen can only hope for a legal action against perpetrators of abuse against migrant workers and acceleration Sumiati Sumiati rights as legal workers and the acceleration of physical health. Julkarnean really hope that his request was ditindaklanjutin by Arab governments.

Here are firmly of the Arab governments to, "their Right as workers, because this is a work accident and of contract by the company (agency), is 2 years, then according to their rights, their salaries must be paid for 2 years as well. He was a month 800 real. all insurance also must be maintained ", he insisted Wednesday, November 17, 2010.

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  1. ya Allah,semoga Sumiati sabar dg semua cobaan ini,pasti sakit sekali rasanya...cepat pulih ya