Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lowongan CPNS South Sumatra and Registration November 2010

Information Lowongan CPNS South Sumatra in November 2010 - CPNS is indeed highly awaited South Sumatra South Sumatra public this November. CPNS Sumsel November of 2010 the regional government of South Sumatra (South Sumatra) will open as many as 11,419 positions lowongan CPNS. This is the highest position and the greatest of all receipts CPNS South Sumatra covers 15 local government level II, which consists of 11 districts (district government) and 4 municipalities (local administration). For the formation CPNS Sumsel November 2010 there are three formations that opened the health personnel, technical personnel, and teachers (educators).

For information CPNS Sumsel November 2010 set a 3427 people, which for 157 people of South Sumatra Province, OKU 239 people, 242 people Lubuklinggau, Prabumulih 246 people, 213 people Banyuasin, OKUS 208 people, 204 Lahat, Muba 246 people, 243 people Ogan Ilir, OKUT 213 people, 241 people Pagar Alam, Four Lawang 266 people, 257 people Mura, Muara Enim OIC 240 and 212 were

To complete Registration Info Lowongan CPNS Sumsel we can see through the official website of the regional government of South Sumatra in or please see below.

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