Friday, November 12, 2010

Lowongan - Pendaftaran CPNS Jabar 2010 – CPNS Bogor November 2010

daftar CPNS Bogor 2010 , CPNS Bogor 2010 , CPNS Jabar 2010CPNS Bogor November 2010 – 12 November until 19 November 2010 back again to open acceptance City Government CPNS (candidate for Civil Servants), which will be held trainings City Government. CPNS Test Bogor West Java in 2010 will be held on December 5, 2010 and for the results of tests will be conducted on December 14, 2010. Slight Leakage Test CPNS Bogor 2010, for the material The material is basic competency test covering general knowledge, scholastic aptitude, and the maturity scale.

Terms CPNS Bogor - West Java 2010 is the applicants must be aged CPNS least 19 years samapai 35 years, minimum education and education is not determined D3/S1 majors taken (all departments). The most very, very necessary "for CPNS Bogor is a shortage of educators such as primary school teachers. Below said the Head of Civil Service, Education, and Training Government of Bogor City, Fetty Qondarsyah, "" We are short because a lot of elementary school teachers who retired. "

Requirements for applicants CPNS Jabar 2010 is:
1. CPNS letter of application to be addressed to the head region in the formation of the submission.
2. copies of transcripts and their final diploma
3. handed a yellow card
4. passport photo
5. photocopy of identity card

For the announcement of acceptance and formation needed for the city of Bogor officially be installed in the local media, namely newspapers, radio. Nor can we see the official government site Bogor City: on November 12, 2010.

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