Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cinta Fitri Oma Dies | Ida Kusuma Dies

Oma Farel Cinta Fitri died in the movie world - yesterday when interrupted shuting fitri love soap operas, senior artist Ida Kusuma had breathed her last breath on Thursday, November 25, 2010, at about 20:00 pm died at Castle Hospital Cinere, South Jakarta. Suspected death of the artist's love-Fitr Oma died suddenly of a heart attack.

The death of Ida Kusuma-making crew film crew love fitri many are surprised because before shuting the film as usual, but we knew he was a break in between shuting benapas before I know no longer, rushed semapat Cinere Castle Hospital, South Jakarta, but not helped again. Tiara said, the niece of a senior artist Connie Suteja him when contacted, said, Ida Kusuma died of a heart attack. "Then, from the place of filming, film crew took him to hospital, but not helped"

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