Saturday, December 25, 2010

How to Order AFF Cup 2010 Final Tickets Online | Ticket Prices 2nd leg

Tiket Final AFF 2010 – Ticket prices AFF Cup final second leg December 29, 2010 online is currently the most practical in purchasing tickets Final AFF 2010, seen from the number of tickets purchased through the ticket office manual finals AFF 2010 that caused a commotion and the long queue. So that's where many Indonesian supporters who choose to purchase tickets Cup Final 2010 2nd leg through internet online. For AFF Cup Final ticket prices 2010 was also not cheap because of the many spectators and supporters who want to see Indonesia last final 2nd leg Indonesia VS Malaysia

Here is the time / period ticket sales Final 2nd leg match AFF Cup 2010 December 29, 2010:
- On December 23, 2010: The sale of tickets for Category I
- On December 24, 2010: The sale of tickets for Category II
- On December 26, 2010: The sale of tickets for Category III

Here's a Final Ticket Price AFF 2010 dated December 29, Leg 2 Malaysia vs Indonesia:
- Flights VVIP (total: 671 pages) is sold at Rp 1 million per sheet
- VIP Tickets West (amount: 2700 shares) were sold at Rp 500,000 per share
- East VIP tickets (total: 3500 sheets) is sold at Rp 350,000 per share
- Flights Category I (total: 24,000 shares) were sold at Rp 200,000 per share
- Flights Category II (total: 16,000 shares) were sold at Rp 150,000 per share
- Flights Category III (total: 30,000 lember) is sold at Rp 75,000 per share

For ticket purchase information manually where you can see below:
- Customs & A: The window is located in front of Gate Mosque Albina
- B Counters: Counters in front KONI
- Counters C: Counters, West Plaza

This information for the purchase of tickets final 2nd leg AFF 2010 for Malaysia against Indonesia.

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