Sunday, December 26, 2010

Highlighted Mark Laser Beam | Due Defeat Indonesia AFF Finals 2010

Indonesia defeat thanks to goalkeeper Markus Horison exposed to highlight the laser when the ball approached the goal markus. Leg1-final soccer match Indonesia vs Malaysia which ended with the score 3-0 to Malaysia was found to be honest. Mark protest will defeat Indonesia 3-0 is not fair or not fair because the resulting laser taxable markus markus unable to concentrate to hold the ball that resulted in goals for the team Malayasia until 3-0.

At the time of Malaysia's national team make its first corner kick goal against Indonesia in the 9th minute sudden there is a laser beam from supporters or less clear where the cause of Mark could not see the ball to be fired. It was submitted by markus tersebutpun to the referee, and wasitpun could pause the game to ensure there are no laser beam into the face of Indonesia's goalkeeper. Is it possible because the laser is switched off?

With this incident PSSI chairman Nurdin Halid had threatened to Malaysia because the local committee has been by using laser beams. Indonesian national team will walkout if the laser beam from the direction of Malaysian fans can not be overcome and will conduct further investigation of this fraud which will result in losing 3-0 Indonesia

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