Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ucapan Tahun Baru 2011 | Sms Tahun Baru 2011

Ucapan tahun baru 2011 - soon we will enter the Year 2011, whereby the year was a year according to the calendar china rabbit. Each time the switch many years would cover the event or events in the new year 2011 which are held en masse to welcome the new year 2011. But every year is not a complete change if we are not mutually congratulated the new year 2011 (Happy New Year 2011) with sms New Year 2011, contains a greeting - greeting the new year 2011 which usually contains about new and returning ditahun expectations over a new leaf in the new year as well.
Here's a collection of greeting the new year 2011 and also sms new year 2011 (happy new year 2011):

Treat Mr. Head Teacher
Bu teachers eat the same ice bakwan
Happy New Year!
Best of luck always friend

There is no word as beautiful as poetry rebound.
No pearls are as beautiful as an angel.
But today more than the previous day, because very soon we will pass the second turn of the lot on the waiting millions of people in the world.
Only one I can do and say
Happy new year 2011.

Yesterday is memory. Today is a gift. TOmmorow is a Hope. Let's begin the New Year ..... with faith, love, peace and new hope. GBU

B-egin with
L-ove in CHRIST
E-xpect blessing
S-hares goodness
S-Hine like the sun
l-nspire everybody
N-ever forget That
G-OD is with u always
Happy New Year .....

Tick ... tick ... no ... no .... The sound of hours in my room, walked slowly but surely to welcome the new year 2011? Happy New Year 2011

All Things FAITH makes possible,
HOPE makes All Things Work,
All Things LOVE makes beautiful.
May you have all three in this New Year .....
Happy New Year ...... May this new year bring us a new spirit to reach all your dreams, good health and a happiness forever ...

New Year ....
MOTIVATION & new obsession
Welcome to 2011 ...

Similarly, some set of new year 2011 greeting new mengkin mengucapan useful for the new year 2011 to a relative, friend or your boyfriend ..
Okay .. Our entire website manager www.pothatos.com we congratulate the new year 2011 Happy New Year 201

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