Thursday, December 16, 2010

Video Indonesia vs Philippines | Samples Of The Match

Recordings / Video Video Games Indonesia aff cup against the Philippines in 2010 with a 1-0 result is very exciting game and make spectators pounding Indonesiapun supporters, but the final result is very encouraging for the team eagle with the gain score 1-0 for Indonesia football team. Although it can be said Indonesia Thin win by the Philippines team, but with the gain score of 1-0 is producing an Indonesian team has a great opportunity to get into the final round in the struggle for trophies aff 2010.

Here is a video footage Indonesia vs Philippines which is so very exciting, where the gain score 1-0 going solo goal by Chris Gonzales through a header of his head. Make sure you are not wasting saw Christian Gonzalez header record that will leave the eagle to enter the final round, let us enjoy the video together:

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  1. mantap menang 1-0 euy.. gonzalez hebat, seluruh pemain luar biasa!