Sunday, January 2, 2011

Aa Gym Cerai And Teh Ninih

Aa Gym dan Teh Ninih bercerai - Horrendous news of celebrities and role models as well as a pilgrim named Aa Gym complete KH Abdullah Gymnastiar said to have decided to divorce with his wife Tea Ninih.

Sunday, 2 December 2011 Farihin Abdul Fatah said as relatives of Aa Gym and Tea Ninih when contacted by reporters, "Yes, that's our expectation of the people (still teaching). If I personally hope to get along aja, friendship should remain secure," Mekipun has the status of divorced one of the relatives hope that Aa Gym, Aa Gym-Tea Ninih still teaching at the boarding school Daarut Tauhid, Bandung together.

Here are firmly Farihin Abdul Fatah selanjutanya "Before Aa married again also their houses remain good, the figure of a teacher, as a role model they call it doing what's best for his people. "

The following genealogy marriage with Tea Ninih Aa Gym: Aa Gym was married to the ninih in 1987. The couple were blessed with seven children, namely Ghaida Tsuraya, Mohammed Ghazi Al-Ghifari, Ghina Raudhatul Jannah, Zahira Ghaitsa Shofa, Ghefira Nur Fatima, Gaza Mohammed Al-Ghazali, and Gheriya Rahima. And in November 2006, Aa Gym married widow with three Alfarini Eridani or familiarly called Tea Rini. From his second wife is, Aa Gym blessed with one son from his second wife.

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