Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Harga Cabai This Day | Recent

Prices surged again lombok today due to rainy season duration 1.5 years, the price of red chilli till today it has reached 120rb per kilo. Price chili has now jumped into the spotlight the Indonesian government in line with the rise in the BI rate will not be assessed effectively curb inflation, which until the government suggested to import from abroad chili to neutralize the chili prices each other crazy.

With the spike in the price of chili continuous high, then Djoko Retnadi as an economist of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) said that "inflation this time because of lack of supply factors (lack of supply) and the solution, it must be with the added supply in the market sector goods ", he said when interviewed.

Even pemerintahpun follow up research because of rising prices is to survey the Lombok Lombok farmers into villages, with the aim of ensuring whether or not the increase is due only game chilli prices or crop failure because it was true chili everywhere.

After investigation the truth, then it can be concluded is true Lombok Failed harvests everywhere a result of rainfall that does not stop. That is why most likely if the price of chili This does not go down, then maybe the government will import from abroad chili.

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