Friday, January 7, 2011

Jadwal Piala Asia 2011 ( Agenda Asia Cup Qatar 2011 )

Piala Asia 2011 will be held tomorrow on January 8, 2011 to be held in Qatar, where Qatar to host Asian Cup 2011 football that will be scheduled to meet with Uzbekistan. Here is the schedule of Asia Cup 2011 (Asian Cup Qatar 2011):
January 8: Kuwait v China
January 12: Uzbekistan v Kuwait
January 12: China v Qatar
January 16: Kuwait v Qatar
January 16: China v Uzbekistan

Group B
9 January: Japan v Jordan
9 January: Saudi Arabia v Syria
January 13: Jordan v Saudi Arabia
January 13: Japan v Syria
17 January: Saudi Arabia v Japan
January 17: Jordan v Syria

Group C
January 10: India v Australia
January 10: South Korea v Bahrain
January 14: Australia v South Korea
January 14: Bahrain v India
January 18: South Korea v India
January 18: Australia v Bahrain

Group D
January 11: North Korea v United Arab Emirates
January 11: Iraq v Iran
January 15: Iran v North Korea
January 15: Iraq v United Arab Emirates
January 19: Iraq v North Korea
January 19: Iran v United Arab Emirates

Winner and runner up in the group qualify for the quarter-finals.
January 21: Quarter Final 1: A1 v B2
January 21: Quarter Final 3: B1 v A2
January 22: Quarter Final 2: C1 v D2
January 22: Quarter Final 4: D1 v C2

January 25: Semifinal 1: QF1 v QF3
January 25: Semifinal 2: QF2 v QF4

January 28: Scramble third place

Okay, hopefully this schedule bermanfaatbagi 2011 Asian Cup football fans all over asia ....

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