Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ford Fiesta – price and specification Ford Fiesta

Latest Ford cars (Ford Fiesta) - Ford succeeded in launching its car city car named the FORD FIESTA, car ford city car output is able to compete with other city car city car Especially the Honda Jazz and Honda New Accord Facelift. Ford Fiesta is more elegant and exclusive display for the driver of this car. For options type Ford Fiesta is beberpa type of standard class or upper-class type, where the price of Ford Fiesta range from 170-215 million.

Take the example ford fiesta for type Ford Fiesta MkVI 1.4 A / T, have the car specifications as follows:
Engine: 1388 cc 4-cylinder, 96 hp
Maximum torque: 128 rpm Nm/4.200
0-100 km / h: 13.9 seconds (claimed)
Fuel consumption combined: 17.46 km / l (claim)
P x L x H: 4067 x 1772 x 1481 mm
Wheelbase: 2489 mm
Ford Fiesta Price MkVI: approximately USD 192 million (estimate)

Of course this type Ford Fiesta will be attractive package on the market Compact Hatchback country. And also ford fiesta also has some features and appearance of the outer will have slight differences, such as the front bumper shape and the rim of course. Where is the Ford Fiesta has a more attractive appearance and sporty city car than any other brand. Besides having a mainstay color orange, a large air hole design with a honey comb in the front bumper looks very sporty and sleek.

Specifications of the most exciting Ford Fiesta close attention to luxury car enthusiasts is the presence of the facility features voice command. Yaang allows for you just give orders in English, then the computer will translate it as work orders. As with choosing a song, move the radio frequency, to connect the phone to the number you want, so do not bother you while driving a car.

For audio facilities do not doubt, because Ford Fiesta provides a matching audio elements, the head unit is integrated into Ford's choice. But what makes the Ford Fiesta is more superior than any other car is equipped with this device has a myriad of features in it, such as Bluetooth wireless connectivity, iPod ready and aux-in jack. The resulting sound quality audio system with 6 speakers in the interior sound very good for standard size. Similarly, the interior material quality is impressive luxury and elegance

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