Saturday, April 2, 2011

Windows 7 | Download Windows Seven

windows 7, windows sevenOperating system Windows 7 or often referred to as windows seven is familiar to computer users. Windows does have a lot of newly released, including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Seven. However, many computer users who prefer Windows 7 is compared to windows vista.

It is graphically the best are the windows vista but because the graphics are sharp, for windows vista need a specification that supports windows vista computer itself, for example at least 1G of ram vista needs to be able to optimally use windows vista. And also requires a processor with such great speed to use your processor intel core 2 duo to mameksimalkan graphical windows vista.

Well, that's why computer users prefer to use the operating system windows 7 or windows seven. Where according to looks, Windows 7 is also not less than the windows vista and the user also feel satisfied because it can use the operating system Windows 7 by using a computer with a standard speed, for example by using a core duo processor has a maximum use of these windows seven.

To download windows 7 on the internet are advised there is to pay a license windows and after you make payment then you will get the serial number windows 7 which is full version.

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