Monday, June 13, 2011

Modern Home Design | Minimalist Houses

Home or residential property with a minimalist type homes built on the outskirts of many urban areas and make the dream house or rumah idaman for everyone. Development of a minimalist home the target of many contractors due to the construction of a modern minimalist home can reduce usage and building materials can also be more efficient in the design of the house.

Type minimalist house divided into 2, namely:
• House minimalist simple
The design of this house was deliberately built with an affordable price by lower-class society, which serves to provide for housing for the poor
• modern minimalist house

Modern housing designs are now deliberately built with minimalist and simple, usually looks ahead only ordinary box and not much use assorted ornament to the development process.

However, today's many property entrepreneurs are turning to the business of apartment. Due to today's urban vacant land fewer and fewer while the more urban housing demand banyak.sehingga to save the location of housing, he built apartment concept is similar to the apartment but it is processed in such a way into the house bertipekan modernity and luxury of a house this year

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