Monday, September 5, 2011

Stop Global Warming by Go Green Lifestyle

Change the convenient Become Inconvenient truth! Earth is getting hot and you need help and protection! Change habits and prevent energy leakage resulting in excessive carbon combustion. Stop global warming and start to go green lifestyle! Let us change the face of this earth in order to be more comfortable to live.

You'll often hear the word 'greenhouse effect' or 'global warming'. But still many people who misunderstood this. The greenhouse effect is one of the causes of climate change on Earth. These changes led to an unfriendly weather disasters. The greenhouse effect is the event trapping sunlight in the atmosphere that makes the earth warm. Analogous conditions are similar to those seen in the greenhouse on the estate.

Greenhouse serves to make the sun penetrate freely, illuminating the room, and keep warm so the cold does not destroy life in it. Earth has an atmosphere that became the dividing wall so that the sun is absorbed directly and keep the earth warm. Rays are absorbed into the reflected back into space. Problems arise when the gas or the combustion of carbon in the earth up, collected, and blocking the reflection of sunlight back into space that will be returned. Light rays that are trapped heat is then made of the earth surface temperature rises.

The heat that accumulates this be the cause of climate warming, known as global warming. This event makes various changes like world of the polar ice melts each year due to heating, making sea levels rise, and make the damage of natural ecosystems and the various disasters. Warming is not happening just because of light reflection building glass, smoke from factory chimneys and vehicle exhaust.

Atmospheric carbon gases that cover consists of various gases such as CO2, methane, CFCs, nitrogen monoxide, etc.. All were produced regularly by humans consciously and unconsciously. Climate warming exacerbated by the shrinking water resources and deforestation. Continuity of human habitation was on the verge of collapse. Small steps that you plant today will bear fruit in the future. It's time to change the fact that one becomes a better, more comfortable, more friendly to the earth.

Many human activities that cause the release of carbon gases. To minimize the release of harmful carbon gases, it's time to start paying carbon gas you spend. Suppose if your car air conditioner starts, then you've let go of gas and heat. One activity you can pay with a tree as an absorber of carbon gases. Reduce the use of electrical devices and reduce wasted energy habits.
Replace your regular light bulbs with CFL use. This lamp is able to reduce 60% energy use and reduce carbon released into the air.

Before turning on an electrical device, turn off one other electrical equipment.
Use rechargeable batteries.
Buy local products and choose fresh foods instead of frozen food.
Use recycled paper and make the waste as compost soil also always dispose of trash in its place.
Use the shower in the bath instead of using the bath tube. Reduce the use of hot water when bathing and better use the scoop in the bath.
Tamping rain water as effectively as possible and use the back for anything useful.
Increase walking and cycling.
Turn off lights and unplug all unused electrical equipment.
Open your window and breathe fresh air, so that it can reduce air conditioning usage.
Planting trees as often as possible.

How, easy is not the simple steps to slow global warming?

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