Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ariel did not want to pay, Si Spreader threatened to spread the videos one by one

The circulation of pornographic videos that are similar to a number of artists allegedly spread from external hard drive belonging vocalist Ariel missing. Reportedly, the spreader is now blackmailing Ariel.

"People who find the external hard drive is now being asked for ransom money to Ariel," said the person close to Luna Maya is reluctant to be named, told in Jakarta, Tuesday (8 / 6).

But he was reluctant to say how much ransom was demanded of the spreader into Ariel porn video.

"What is clear, if Ariel does not want to pay, he threatened to distribute the video was one after another," he said.

Previously, she reveals there were 32 women who had filmed while having sex with Ariel. He also revealed that the majority of women who recorded that Ariel is an artist.

"There are 32 women among others, Ratu Felisha, Aura Kasih, Andara Early and vocalist of the band SHE, Melly Herlina," he said.

Previously, he played pornographic videos like Ariel has been circulating two versions. First, an 'Ariel' with a woman who is similar to Luna Maya. The video was circulated on Thursday, June 4 last.

The second video, also still be the same man to a woman similar to the presenter infotainment, Cut dance. Video duration of 8 minutes 45 seconds was circulated on Tuesday (8 / 6).

When try to clarify the truth of this, Ariel and closest people are still silent. They are still reluctant to provide information related to the circulation of pornographic videos that.

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