Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kata-kata mutiara / SMS ramadhan

Here kata-kata mutiara or kata-kata sms for you mengucapkan selamat berpuasa to your friends. Please send sms kata-kata mutiara ramadhan this so that we have the same dikuatakan for pilgrimage puasa in this holy month.

Adlh most profound words "GOD"
Song termerdu adlh "Adhan"
The best book adlh "QUR'AN"
Most healthy Gymnastics adlh "Prayers"
Cleanliness most refreshing adlh "ablution"
Travel most beautiful adlh "HAJJ"
The most impressive fantasy adlh remembers "SIN"
The most perfect diet adlh "Fasting"
Congratulations embrace the blessings of Ramadan

Mpok rOGAYE Tibe2 Kye
Met smUe temen2 Puase Yeee ... ....
Soto spill Hrus dIelaPin
Klo is Slan Moon DimAAfin
Like Zidan grooming
Marhaban Ya Ramadhan,

seti2k ink so the stain,
seti2k wrong so sin
full moon blessings come soon
let's worship persevere in fasting month
Marhaban ya ramadhan, welcome with a smile

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