Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tips puasa di bulan RAMADHAN ini

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is an obligation for Muslims. However, we should fast with the right, in the strong sense that we can fast until a full month in a healthy condition burgar. Well, we need to be able POWERFUL tips Fasting in Ramadan this month. Here are tips for powerful in fasting:

1. Think positive or positive thinking
Believe that you're running badah will give something so invaluable is more precious than your life. Examples such as with fasting romadhon we will get a huge reward, by fasting we shall be loved of God Almighty, by fasting we will be thin, with our fast we will be able to control the passions udel bulging as good as us, and so forth. What is important to make strong mentally add in menghadai all forms of hunger, thirst, kagatelan, and others.

2. Forgetting time with hobbies
Have you ever thought or said that an activity can make you lose track of time? Try to remember and find out what is it? If it is lawful activity or activity conducted in the month of fasting then laksanakanlah. Examples such as playing video games, ps2, xbox, nintendo, dingdong, Ludo, monopoly, congklak, playing, gaple, do not seek, do not squat, playing music, the band, creating songs, blogging, maen internet, watching tv, talking, speech, debate, calling a girlfriend and various other activities are blessed by God Almighty. Do not forget to remember the time of prayer and fasting time drum arrived. Sometimes running a hobby can forget the time and finally koleps and wake up already in the grave.

3. Being in a cool, cool
AC is the best friend in times of the month of ramadan. Being in good ac room in the home, office or at the mall to reduce dryness in the whole body. Fortunately for our brothers who are in geographic areas with cold temperatures or frost. Low temperatures can reduce out or evaporation of body fluids.

The most important thing in fasting is to resist hunger and thirst but there are still many restrictions in this holy month, the lust of the cursed devil, hungry, thirsty, dirty mind, girl talk, sexual lust, backbiting (talking about people), lying, ngerjain people , and so forth. Okay Fasting YA SUCCESS!

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