Monday, October 11, 2010

Containing Hazardous Materials Due reply, Indomie "blacklisted" by the MOH Taiwan

Indomie is the product of the most famous instant noodle in Indonesia, even to this day still dominate Indonesia's instant noodle product. However, there is news from the Department of Health and Food Taiwan who was having a surprise to some stores raziah Indonesia, said Indonesian instant noodle production of hazardous and prohibited from selling.

After doing various penetian about content of preservatives that branded Indomie instant noodles, then studied that has 2 indomie preservatives that do not qualify for the import of goods klafikasi Hydroxy methyl benzoate preservatives and preservatives Benzoic acid for the manufacture of instant noodle seasoning.

Where is Taiwan itself is very prohibits use of this preservative in food while Benzoic Acid is used for food preservative but forbidden to be used in instant noodle. Following the interview of the Chief administration of the medicine food Shu Fen Wang stated that Hydroxy methyl benzoate is commonly used for cosmetic ingredients lotion, and when used in foods can cause heartburn, vomiting, poisoning metabolic acidosis, and long term can damage the liver in the body kenerja human

Here's actions in addressing the Taiwan Ministry of instant noodle products from Indonesia were, "Slap" hard by the Ministry of Health of Taiwan, of course, not only felt by the vendors, but more felt by the Indonesian government regarding the quality control of export products. How to escape domestic products abroad, become questions to be answered by the government of Indonesia! And if viewed from the Taiwan Ministry of Health ban with instant noodles instant noodle then what will be Indonesia to address the instant noodle product? Yes we'll see results from Indonesia, whether it is true or not?

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