Friday, October 15, 2010

Mobil Keluarga Ideal Terbaik Indonesia

You want to have a dream car for the family of Indonesia, never the wrong choice for the comfort of your family's car ...This is the family of Indonesia's dream car is Toyota Cars Inova. Toyota get predicate Ideal Family Car Best Indonesia, which has facilities for the convenience of a vacation with your family. Besides the interior is very luxurious and spacious to add comfort for the children to do ativitas inside the car. For example, during a family vacation must anak2 many activities such as eating and drinking and even a new family with children can menyuapin baby food or breast-feeding her baby with a comfortable because in Inova spacious and comfortable car shock absorber which is very soft to withstand shocks when the car is running.

Berikut ini merupakan spesifikasi dari kijang Inova:

Gasoline Engine VVT-i
1 TR-FE DOHC VVTI 2,0 Liter, 4-Cylinder, 16 Valve
Max power 136 PS(100Kw)/5600rpm
Max torque 18,6 kg-m / 4.000rpm
There is always a torque at low speed or high, making Innova remain comfortable in all driving conditions

Diesel Engine D-4D
Technology D-4D engine, generating maximum performance, a subtle vibration and sound, efficient and environmentally friendly fuels.

The product of this toyota has a level of comfort and security that has been proven with a wide cabin fitted up to accommodate the number of passengers that a lot. And deer Inova is also a dream vehicle and the primary choice of every family in Indonesia. Where we can get more information at Toyota Astra Motor. This convenience can be obtained also for passengers who could move freely when all the seats filled for seat dimensions widen even sideways. For the passenger seat set of two lines with a comfortable captain seat.

Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car should not miss to buy it, for the convenience of your family, Do not half-hearted again immediately have the Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car "Kijang Inova" made by Toyota Astra Motor.


  1. mantap bos artikel mobil keluarga ideal terbaik indonesia, cuma terlalu berat di akses nya

  2. Rupanya ada kontes Mobil keluarga ideal terbaik Indonesia ikutan ah...Ayo Gan Semangat...maju truz semoga menang.