Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kematian Mbah Marijan 27 Oktober 2010 Menggemparkan Dunia

kematian mbah marijan , 27 oktober , gunung meletusIt's really the history of this world mbah Marijan caretaker who stir the world, both in Indonesia and even in foreign countries. Mbah Marijan died on October 27, 2010 at his home dilereng Mount Merapi, was found by rescue teams during the state of prostration mbah Marijan'm using batik clothes are often worn. Mbah Marijan death is very shocking the world, till kabarnyapun overseas.
And the more unique, mbah Marijan death is more likely to find news headlines than Mount Merapi erupted. Truly amazing people and the world mayapun many found sites that broadcast the death mbah Marijan this.

Currently, blood samples from the alleged corpse mbah Marijan will be investigated with the investigation of DNA. But according to doctors and all trim mountainside community has recognized that the corpse is really mbah Marijan caretaker Mount Merapi.

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