Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paul Gurita Mati – Octopus Paul is Dead

paul gurita mati , paul gurita meninggal , 27 oktober
Dated October 27, 2010 declared dead, this event had been a rumor kemtian paul octopus, but the octopus paul obituary is just a issue. AND if now is really died or declared dead.

Paul octopus beast known as a reliable predictor and guessed every world cup is always accurate and appropriate. At the time ¬ pre ¬ diction Spain nevertheless appear as after the final ra ¬ ¬ na ¬ kluk me his sole goal by the Dutch who wa ¬ Andres Iniesta, and even then sanagt precise predictions. Pe rin ¬ ¬ me ¬ ¬ tah Spain even ge-so ¬ ¬ Rahi Paul as a citizen to a hor ¬ ¬ Matan Carballino City, Spain. And so the famous "astrologer animal world cup"

Octopus paul death makes managers and staff Aquarium Sea Life Oberhausen very tar ¬ o'clock when Paul was found dead this morning (Tuesday 27 October 2010). This is the final world cup forecaster live animals. I hope there is a replacement, let the ball can win in the gamble again. Yes we should both pray that there are two octopus paul

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