Saturday, November 6, 2010

Merapi News Today - Clouds Heat

Trim conditions today are still very vulnerable and have the potential to erupt again more besaar, 6 November 2010 news trim still causing hot clouds and lava, accompanied by the vomit with a rain of ash that is increasingly thickened. November 6, this volcano erupted trim back about 10 o'clock this morning.

Flight schedule in a special area yogyakartapun now closed because of conditions that interfere with rain ash feared the flight would create sight distance flights will be disrupted and could make the engine damage due to thick dust or ash from Mount Merapi.

The danger of volcanic ash can interfere with breathing and also can rip the lung tissue. Si02/silika composition of volcanic ash, industrial materials like glass and is a very fine glass hard, but if viewed with a microscope the edge and a pointed tip. If inhaled will tear the lung tissue if exposed to the eyes can damage the retina of the eye.
To view the photos and videos eruption of Mount Merapi on this day we can get in: Videos and Photos Recent Merapi Eruption - Ash Rain - Photos Wedhus Gembel Merapi

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