Friday, November 5, 2010

Videos and Photos Recent Merapi Eruption - Ash Rain - Photos Wedhus Gembel Merapi

Merapi erupted latest till now has reached about 15 times the eruption of Merapi, and to scale eruption of Merapi is increasingly large-scale eruption to date the eruption reached a distance of 20km scale. and determined to secure refuge boundary between a radius of 20-25 km distance latest Merapi eruption and ash rain photo. Here is a collection of videos and photos Merapi eruption of the latest and recent photo wedus gembel trim:
gunung merapi meletus

letusan gunung merapi
 foto gunung merapi meletus
foto wedhus gembel
foto wedhus gemel
foto merapi terkini
foto letusan gunung merapi
hujan abu

Video Letusan Gunung Merapi Terkini:

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