Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog Marissa Haque - Isi Churhat Marissa Haque

Blog Marissa Haque , Churhat Marissa Haque , isi Blog Marissa, HaqueMarissa Haque Churhat new today is crowded among twitter, where churhatan Marissa Haque was found on the blog that contains Marissa Haque Fawzi Ikang with envy at the beautiful woman at one of our new music now tilled Ikang Fawzi. Though currently being run for local elections Marissa Haque South Tangerang city. Here is Marissa Haque churhat Content on the Blog Marissa Haque:

- Is it true that blog Mbak Icha? Because now it is being much talked about blogs?

-Marissa: That's my writing dated 19 August 2010. Airin (Airin Rachmi Diany) Tangsel which time elections would pass it on. Two men (one Airin) Ocil and Amaruzzaman name. Check deh, their position in Tangerang city. New Kok scene in November mas?

-The blog was re-discussed and spread, but it bener mbak Icha curhatan writing? Are there people who intentionally want to drop mbak Icha?

-Marissa: If ya let it spread, ask the same Airin cs, why do they've nyebarin now? Kok 4 months and then spread?

-In the blog that talk about jealousy mbak Icha of Memes and Vina Panduwinata, responses mbak?

- Marissa: That jealousy is? I am angry with them (Vinay and Memes). What I see in the picture I expected them to attact my husband with breasts 2 / 3 or 3 / 4 naked at their disposal. Vina even put her breasts on my husband's chest. That's my writing on August 19, 2010 at If Mas want to copy-paste my writings in monggo, but do not be beheaded, have to complete it? Let not dimultitafsirkan. Dangers lie about it.

-But if the problem was over mbak? Then mas Ikang response on this matter how?

- Marissa: Yes he was wrong and vowed never to repeat it. I appreciate my husband's attitude Ikang Fawzi, and he knew I was being assertive because I love him and want our families 'One Wife One Husband Until Death'. I used to talk openly and Ikang and it is my brother, and if God willing, our marriage lasted until death, then the method we maintain a marriage can be a learning for young families other artist in answering the challenges of the times. Insha Allah.

Mbak-Sorry, I heard rumors he said Mbak Icha cast for divorce to the religious court, was not mbak?

-Marissa: Ha!!?? (Shocked). Hehe, Si Atut and Airin just envious. That toy he sajaaaa ....

Currently gossip blog that contains Churhat Marissa Marissa Haque Haque is still questionable validity and is still in the process of investigating whether the person who spread it and what mode of Blog Marissa Haque.

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