Monday, November 1, 2010

Ramalan Indonesia Tahun 2011 – Forecast Natural Disasters 2011

Prediction of natural disasters that will occur later in the year 2011, estimated natural bancana more prevalent later in the year 2011. As in 2010, Indonesia has a lot of amazing with natural disasters Mount Merapi erupts, Mentawai tsunamis and floods everywhere. Well, in 2011-even natural disasters will be more horrible by the year 2012 of which will shift the planet nearest the sun.

Forecast year 2011 forecast of geothermal temperature will increase with draktisnya and predicted the existence of a prolonged dry season and the difficulty of clean water from certain areas. There will be a terrible drought, but the mud in Sidoharjo still smolder and will widen towards Surabaya.
Also predicted there will be a terrible earthquake which will divide the island of Java in two. And for the State of other countries will be war here and there, also will be war currency where the currency and inflation will get out of control.

With the forecast - forecast the future of this 2011 year old, let us make us closer to God and repent for signs akkhir more real time and to watch together. Many prayed and Istifar definitely all there is wisdom. Similarly, the article forecasts in 2011, hopefully for us semua.thx bermanffat

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  1. seriuuuzzz??? mudah-an ga sampai terjadi,, soalnya masih byk cita2 yg blm kesampaian ya allah :(