Monday, November 1, 2010

Lion Air Slipping in Pontianak 2 November 2010

The latest news, Lion Air skidded at the airport Supadio Pontianak at 11:25 pm this afternoon. Said Lion Air General Director Edward Sirait when interviewed by reporters Tuesday 2 November 2010, "There were no fatalities, all passengers survived. " However, do not cause casualties, but because of these events, the schedule of flights at the airport this afternoon Supadio Pontiac delay all.

Lion passengers feel the trauma of water since the incident plane tergelincirnya water lion and asking to replace other aircraft for fear that another slip-kalu. It is clear from the aircraft water lion when interviewed, "Boeing 737-400 is 169 people menggangkut passengers and 6 crew and now we have passenger evacuation. We are now carrying the belongings of passengers "explained Mr. Erward as the party of the lion water.

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