Sunday, December 5, 2010

Acne is a disease

Acne is a disease that most hated especially the girl - a girl. Many tips to get rid of acne but acne do not go away. Where acne usually arises in the face and also on the neck, well that's what make the girl or woman irritated by acne. Yes his name is most prioritize girl looks so everytime there is definitely make women jerewat stress, especially the teenage girls who entered the puper usually have problems with acne. I gave this tip to get rid of pimples quickly and remove acne scars.

!How to get rid of pimples is not easy, maybe we can get rid of pimples with a squeeze the pimple, but will be able to generate new masaah "acne scars". Acne scars are black - just black it is a huge problem because it is very difficult to remove. This fraction of the tips to remove acne quickly, namely with the traditional medicine of "aloe vera".

We must know the aloe vera plant! These plants are proven to deal with acne or any injuries, because the content of aloe vera contains a good antiseptic to restore or heal some wounds, such as acne, dompo and others. How easy to use: Apply on acne wound with exfoliating aloe vera and take the meat and then applied to the wound pimple in the morning and evening. And prove the period of around 2 days will be deflated and secured acne sebuh without any injuries. Try and prove it .... Good luck

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