Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ramalan Tahun Kelinci 2011 | Hongshui dan Fengshui Tahun Kelinci

Tahun Kelinci 2011 - According to the Chinese calendar year 2011 is the year where according to Fengshui years Rabbits bunny is a symbol of longevity and is said to be descended Month, it is not surprising that people born in the year classified Rabbit luckiest among the twelve zodiac other. According to feng shui hongshui and people born in the rabbit, usually the person symbolizes elegance, politeness, good advice, kindness and sensitivity to all forms of beauty and also in the gentle words, and her movements are graceful but swift.

According to the zodiac rabbit in 2011, it is usually people born in the years of rabbit very lucky in business and financial transactions and shrewd bargaining and always able to come up with proposals or options that can be beneficial for him. And also can be brilliant in the field of law or pemerintahan.Namun he also has feelings that tend to fluctuate, aka moody. In fact, at certain times he seems alienated from their environment.

Luck in the rabbit is the business going forward will be faster but requires a lot of patience from your business colleagues, because the motion of the rabbit is very fast but not directed alias walk right and left selali not move forward. All it takes patience and always listen to the advice of others or the elderly. That is reflected in the display case rabbit ears to listen and also as an important instinct of a rabbit's ear.

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